Health Diary & Mood Tracker, Med Reminder +BinuralTones


You know how to stay healthy, but it is hard to do without good data. This App helps you develop your health data easily and view it in text and graphs. Compare your emotional and physical health and stay healthy. This App also has Binaural Tones to keep you emotionally, thus physically strong, and reminds you to take particular medicines if you take them.

This App is more than a health diary, or help log, a reminder, or a BMI calculator, or mood and feelings tracker. It is your all in one daily companion to help you keep healthy by keeping track of your data and with Binaural Tones. For more information on Binaural Tones and their health benefits, please search for Binaural Tones or Binaural Beats at,,, or

Take a look at the Video below:


Use our VuTronics(tm) Software

For Automating Data Collection with Voice Prompts based Protocols and detailed and summary visual display of sensor data.