HeadAche-DTT(tm): Headache Diary, Test and Treatment Mobile App

Headache Diary, Test and Treatment App makes it quick & easy to track your headaches and emotional wellness, location, and cause of headaches, triggers, and most effective medications. Headache diary app also has a 10-minute test you can take to determine what kind of headaches you may have.

Includes Emotional Wellness tracking, Doctor/Consumer Logins, and Clinical Trial feature.

Keep Headache Diary, Fast & Easy, determine Types of Headaches you may have

Helps you keep track of your headaches, frequency, and pain levels of headaches, and helps you measure and track your feelings, as well as medicines that you find effective and has a medicine reminder. Take our Headache test to determine what type of Headaches you may have, taking about 10 minutes, pause and resume any time.

Keep your Headaches in Check

Keep your headaches in check by tracking your Emotional Wellness, taking just a few seconds. The app will build a trend line that you can use or share with your friends and family or healthcare provider to better manage your headaches.

Use Binaural Beats Music with Ocean Waves to Treat your Headaches

For Treatment, we provide easy-to-use and pleasant Binaural Beats that are modulated within professionally recorded music tracks. The Binaural Beats are a Binaural mix of Delta Brain Waves that use Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s healing frequency delivered in about 10-minute doses.

Track Headache, and see which Meds work best for you to reduce headaches

As you keep a diary using Headache App, the App builds a timeline with a pain level that you can use to manage your headaches or share with your healthcare provider for better treatment.

See your Headache Log, Headache Test Results or Worst Headache Days

See analysis, reports, and graphs by the App of your Listening Experience and Emotional Health. Share it with Family and Friends or work with a Healthcare provider.

See Reports and Graphs to track Headaches or work with Healthcare provider

Reports show a number of factors, such as Pain Levels, Headache Days,  Best Meds for You, your Headache Type, Triggers, Headache Location, Wellness.

“With this App you can keep a Headache Diary, right in your palm, and access it wherever.  It even has a med reminder and Binaural Beats to reduce pain. Test yourself for your headache type and more.”

“There are a number of relaxing sounds available to reduce pain. You will need earbuds or headphones for most effects. App even determines best Meds that work for you, and the effect headaches may be having on your life.”

“Reports, Graphs in the App help you with possible triggers, environment factors, emotional wellness, effect on work or marriage, headache types, and more.”